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From Magic to Practice: ESG and Asset Management

Dear Reader,


ESG has become one of those magic words like BIM, IoT, 4.0 and Smart. The acronym is obtuse: what do two adjectives and a noun put together mean? Environmental, Social, and Governance?


Thanks to our background in technical assets management since the mid-80s and having spent the past two decades in the Asian energy and environmental markets, having experienced the formidable growth of China, its many technical and management challenges, and the progressive strengthening of Chinese environmental and safety regulations, we have developed our own practical views on the subject.


Looking at ESG from our technical improvement perspective:


  • Environmental includes energy, water and waste.
  • Social covers safety, first and foremost.
  • Governance consists in complying with regulations and best practices, as well as communicating with stakeholders.



Long before ESG became popular, in 2009, the Bluebee Lab R&D center started developing innovative software for sustainability. The winner of an ESG award in 2023, bluebee® X goes further than just monitoring energy consumption and providing beautiful KPIs. The solution helps analyze incidents, define improvement plans, track their implementation, manage audits, capture data from the multiple source: systems, sensors and… people.


In this month’s newsletter, we are proud to share a video case study of CEP, a leading hazardous waste disposal company in China. In Tips & Tricks, we will show a demo movie of our latest practical use of ESG for O&M in bluebee® X. Followed by a Reliability article talks about IoT for predictive maintenance and the hidden complexity. In Siveco People, we share customers sharing seminar in Tianjin and Siveco China, Customers and Friends at the French Gala Shanghai 2023. Enjoy!


Bruno Lhopiteau
Managing Director
Siveco China


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