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Strong users interest in bluebee® new features

Siveco China’s 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey included questions about customers’ interest in newly introduced features of bluebee®.



In 2016, various usability enhancements of bluebee® were released making use of the latest technologies (one of the challenges – and high cost – of mobile development is to constantly keep up with very fast-changing technology). In fact, all the features listed already existed by the time we launched the survey but may not be used by older customers yet. In this Tips & Tricks article, we will briefly review them.


Although “offline mode” is not a new feature – it has existed since the very first bluebee® version in 2008 – it was added to the list, as few clients realize how unique it is (most other mobile applications available in the market are not fully offline, most are simply encapsulated html5 pages). This feature came first as the most interesting feature!


QR-code scanning using Wechat is the “champion” of new features, as several of our multisite customers are already using it to expand the system to operation teams. Using WeChat or any other QR code scanning App, users can simply report problems with their phone by scanning the equipment QR code. This easy-to-use solution motivates everyone to report incidents and help prevent disasters, in line with industrial best practices such as those of Lean Manufacturing (or TPM).



bluebee® tablet is also widely used by customers for onsite audits and management. With bluebee tablet, managers conduct site surveys (safety, energy, maintenance). Non-compliance and risk areas are instantaneously reported.. An example of large scale client is Carrefour China, running its Risk Prevention audits with bluebee® tablets.



About QR codes, RFID tags, NFC and Beacons… Areas, equipment and inspection points can be identified by QR codes or RFID tags. Scanning guarantees that technicians are physically present. The latest Beacon technology allows bluebee® to automatically detect related work orders upon entering an area.



Finally, In 2016, Siveco has made great steps on integrating with BIM (Building Information Models), drawing on strong interest for this technology in building and infrastructure projects. Siveco was invited to speak at several prominent BIM conferences during the year and this feature has become the driver for several large projects (ultra-high buildings, waste & water) such as New World Development or CNOOC.



We are pleased to see our clients’ strong interest in the latest bluebee® features and will continue to align our product development with market needs, through constant interactions with our customer base. Do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestion or requirement!


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