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Integrate 3D digital models into Coswin 8i


All Siveco Group digital products based on Coswin 8i and bluebee® are designed to integrate BIM models to address your operational and maintenance needs. Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. This Tips & Tricks article looks more particularly at BIM in our CMMS Coswin 8i.


With Coswin BIM, Siveco Group makes CMMS and BIM converge. You can now integrate your 3D digital models into your Coswin 8i CMMS.


Coswin BIM allows to :


  • Import digital models in IFC format* in the embedded BIM server
  • Map BIM objects with their corresponding equipment code in Coswin 8i
  • View BIM models in 3D in Coswin 8i, with all related data
  • Call up an object in the digital model from a Coswin 8i equipment object or a diagram
  • Associate Coswin 8i functions (for example: equipment details, create job request, create work orders, view work orders etc.) to objects in the BIM model


* IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is a standardized, digital description of the built environment, including buildings and civil infrastructure. It is an open, international standard (ISO 16739-1:2018), meant to be vendor-neutral, or agnostic, and usable across a wide range of hardware devices, software platforms, and interfaces for many different use cases.


Coswin 8i features a fully integrated BIM viewer based on IFC standard. The viewer allows opening the 3D model directly from relevant Coswin screens, centered on the related equipment object. Users can zoom and navigate, access all related maintenance information, create job requests etc. through a configurable menu. The interface also provides all the necessary import tools to create equipment objects from the BIM model.


As a conclusion, the advantages of Coswin BIM are:


  • You can access CMMS and BIM in a single application: Coswin BIM. You do not need to launch two different applications, to purchase two sets of licenses, etc.
  • Thanks to the integration of the digital model, you have access to all information created during design and construction (in the BIM model) in your CMMS Coswin 8i (no loss of information between construction and operation/maintenance)
  • You can access all BIM objects data in Coswin 8i, locate them, plan your work and execute their maintenance more efficiently


For advice on how Siveco China can integrate BIM models into Smart O&M solutions based on Coswin 8i and/or bluebee® based on your specific business needs, please contact us at


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