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Features of bluebee®

bluebee® is a unique tool designed “for the worker of tomorrow” to capture information from the field. By enforcing systematic recording of incidents, inspections and work done, the integrated bluebee® solution provides a technical knowledge base to support technical teams’ daily work, to ensure compliance and to facilitate management decisions.


With the first release of bluebee® in 2008, Siveco China has pioneered the development of Smart O&M technologies, putting man – not machine – at the center.




An online and offline Android app


bluebee® is a native Android app designed to take full advantage of the operating system’s capabilities, including full offline mode allowing usage when there is no signal, as is often the case in an industrial plant or in remote areas.


Robust off-the-shelf software


Unlike other mobile systems available in the market, bluebee® is a standard off-the-shelf product, which has been in the market since 2008. No custom programming is required, ensuring robustness and reliability.


Multiple choices of devices


bluebee® can be installed on normal Android phones or tablets or on rugged industrial devices, including explosion-proof ATEX-certified models for use in hazardous environments. A Smart Glass plug-in is also available for hands-free usage.


Design & ergonomics


bluebee® is designed to assist technicians, not to downsize or control them. Manual input is replaced by scanning, taking photos, selecting values and automatic capture of time and location, ensuring perfect accuracy and ease-of-use.


A catalyst for best practices


bluebee® acts as a structuring tool to motivate workers, to train them on-the-job, to organize them around clear processes and to gently enforce best practices from top managers to workers.


An award wining solution


Since its first release in 2008 to its current 2022 version, bluebee® has received many awards given by independent industrial organizations for its innovative design and successful implementation track-record.



For more information on bluebee®, contact us at or call our hotline 4006-300-213.


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