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Energy monitoring using bluebee®?


Not just data for your ESG report (although it can be used for that)!
Not just a pretty dashboard connected to IoT meters (although we have this too, with a BIM model thrown in)!


Instead, all your energy data in context:


  • Your assets, how they interact with each others (structures and process dependencies: monitoring your utilities is useless without knowing what asset, what process they serve), their lifecycle (installation, commissioning, operation)
  • O&M activities: for example poorly maintained filters mean more power consumption for your HVAC, but also lower air quality, etc.
  • Environmental, safety, regulatory compliance: not just figures showing you are compliant, but strategy, planned actions, incidents, audits, corrective actions, etc. All computerized to ensure traceability.


This is not about connecting a dashboard to disparate systems (you can use PowerBI or equivalent for that), often with the excuse that the system is poorly used or does not contain the right data (as for most corporate ERP systems).


It is about actual management with full traceability of actions: has the technician done the job? When and how? Why is this KPI in the red? Click through all the way to see actual records, photos of the incident, etc.


However, our systems do not control the plant or its utilities: we believe this is better done by specialized SCADA/DCS. We add value to such systems, we do not compete with them. For cybersecurity reasons as well, you better keep management and control systems separate, but interfaced (we have literally decades of experience with such integration).


At Siveco China, we see energy monitoring, ESG and other aspects of plant management as part of the overall Asset Management system, in line with the ISO 55000 standard. Want to know more about our approach, how it could help your company to meet its performance and compliance needs? Talk to us! Please leave a comment or contact


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