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Events recap: exploring O&M for environmental sustainability

In the past month, Siveco China participated in multiple events to raise awareness and foster discussions with industrial counterparts on the role of O&M and O&M technologies in ensuring sustainability. Here is a quick recap.

China Sustainable Water Management Summit 2023
@November 16-17, 2023, Shanghai

Siveco China attended the China Sustainable Water Management Summit 2023 hosted by ECV International in Shanghai. The summit brought together representatives from 50+ outstanding companies and organizations to share and exchange ideas on industrial water resources, helping companies better understand and achieve sustainable water management development from a whole industry chain perspective.

On the first day of the summit, Bruno Lhopiteau, our Managing Director, delivered an impressive speech focused on the topic of “Controlling Risks and Ensuring the Sustainable Lifecycle of Industrial Water Utilities: How to Align Digitalization & Strategic Needs”, combining our case studies from over 20 years in China. During the conference, the Siveco China team set up a booth, attracting strong interest from attendees in Smart O&M solutions and implementation experiences. On the second day, Bruno participated in a roundtable discussion on “How ESG goals promote innovation in industrial water resources management?”, sharing experiences on transitioning from operation and maintenance business to sustainable and ESG development.

Sino-French forum on ecological transition
@ November 7, 2023, Shanghai

Siveco China Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau was invited to attend the France-China Ecological Transformation Forum as the moderator of the 1st roundtable. The forum was jointly organized by Business France, CCI FRANCE CHINE, the Embassy of France in China, and the French Eco-City Club, with over 35,000 views on the live stream. This event is a continuation of discussions and initiatives launched by the French Eco-City Club since 2019, aimed at addressing the challenges facing China’s ecological transition and the innovative measures adopted by Sino-French enterprises to address such challenges.

A sharing session with the Changzhou International Managers Forum
@October 26, 2023, Changzhou

In this session for multinational manufacturers located in Changzhou, Siveco China’s Managing Director shared some of this practical experience of how ESG ties up with local regulatory demands and the technical and maintenance improvement needs of factories in China. He also looked at the role digital solutions can play and illustrated his talk with case studies in Jiangsu province. The session was followed by vibrant Q&A and buffet dinner organized by the Changzhou International Managers Forum.

We sincerely appreciate the invitations from the organizers, providing opportunities to communicate, share, and learn from industry experts.

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